All stakeholders demand order visibility

Perhaps more than anything else, all stakeholders within a supply chain demand order visibility.

What is being delivered; to where, and when? High levels of order visibility enable accurate planning, execution and reporting of services. From the retailer to the driver and finally receiver of the goods, visibility is a critical piece of a modern supply chain. Our technology is designed with this in mind.
“At OnSend, we provide tracking at item level, rather than at consignment, or order level.”
  • The problem

    In a traditional supply chain business, tracking is provided to the market using events or “milestones” as an order makes its way through from pickup to delivery.

    The trigger for these milestone events is the scanning of a piece of paper, which represents the freight (the consignment note) rather than the handling of the actual freight.

    Many consumers have experienced the anticipation of their purchase, tracking as “out for delivery,” that subsequently doesn’t show up at all. The cause is that the wrong piece of paper was scanned by the driver, possibly without any freight in sight.

  • The solution

    At OnSend, we intend on doing away with the consignment note, which whilst useful as a manual fall back, often gets lost, is scanned at the wrong time providing inaccuracies, and is inappropriate at a time where contactless delivery is required by the Ministry of Health.

    We have digitised the process and track our freight based on the task of moving each item. This process means that high-quality data flows both into and out of our system, by way of reports. A reporting source of truth then provides real insight.